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Kamis, 25 November 2010

Storage again

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Logo Storage :)

Minggu, 14 November 2010

Storage 2

Rabu, 10 November 2010

LED Kites

Well well well, long time no see!
Hmm.. to be honest I won't post much this time.
This one is just made according to my ICT work order. About technology.
Hopefully it's quite interesting :)
Sources are many, but most important, still YouTube :P


Kites? Kites aren't that cool. You know what's cool? Kites with freaking LED lights and fireworks attached to them—that's cool! And that's what's in this video: a bunch of cool kites with cool lights and fireworks galore.

These amazing kites are flying over the Caspian Sea in June of 2009 in a special performance for the President of Turkmenistan. The delta kites are 17' wingspan kites with Super LED lights and fireworks all controlled by radio control. The diamond kites are 6' wide and 6' high with 100' tails. The kites are two line steerable kites.

Now this is a big boy's toy if we've ever seen one - rather large delta kites which feature 17-feet wingspan, equipped with fancy LED lights and fireworks for added effect, where all of them are controlled via radio. Of course, for those of you who live (or were visiting) Turkmenistan last June would have seen it, where they were paraded before the President in a special performance. The diamond kites themselves measure 6 feet wide and are 6 feet high with 100 feet tails, now how about that? This isn't something that we'd hope will come crashing into our homes, otherwise be prepared to call the fire brigade!

Minggu, 27 September 2009

My Unofficial Music Videos -- session 2

Nah, hellow again, This is the second session of My UMVs!
Now, it's the time for this one.

Well, my friends on facebook might have seen this one. But again, this one is just for emergency storage and so that you can all see this (if you want to. hehe :D)

No way To Say

Clips used>> Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer
Song>> No Way To Say
Song Performer>> Ayumi Hamasaki


Copyright of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer is owned by Square Enix
"No Way To Say" is performed and owned by Ayumi Hamasaki
(yay yay.. I own nothing! XC, except the idea how will this GMV turn out. I know! I know! XC)


I'll be uploading the next maybe tomorrow or days later.
Again, I really appreciate your comments! :)

(then this is the copy of the video info that I've post on facebook months ago, including the lyric of the used song & its ET)


a game video using the DKS trailer of FFV XIII.
maybe you don't know, but the trailer is only about 5 minutes. so, you can say i ran out of clips.
* brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* - ~ -

(so, don't feel strange if you see i repeat some clips. well, i have the other trailers, but it didn't help much. the DKS trailer already consisted of them :( )

song used: No Way To Say by Ayumi Hamasaki
clips used: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

well, this is the lyrics of the song and the english translation
(but each are from different source, so don't blame me if you found the paragraphs in the lyrics don't match with each other. )

sorry by the way, i copied this from animelyrics.com (and the translation from a blog), i didn't write it myself, so i don't guarantee the accuracy of both. sorry.

--No Way To Say--

nokosareta tooi mukashi no
kizuato ga uzuki deshite mata
furueteru kokoro kakushite
hohoemi ni suri kaeta

ikutsuni natte mo ai kawarazuna watashi wa
ima demo okubyou de
tsuyoku garu koto bakari oboete yuku

tsutaetai omoi wa afureru no ni
nee umaku kotoba ni naranai
anata ni deaete inakereba konna
modo kashii itami sae mo shiranakatta ne

sukoshi zutsu mitome hajimeta
iyasarenu kako no sonzai to
kobame nai mirai ni ikura
obiete mo shikata naito

ato dono kurai no yuuki ga mote tara watashi wa
daiji na mono dake wo
mune wo hatte daiji to ieru darou

tashikana omoi wa kanjiru no ni
nee itsumo kotoba ni dekinai
dare mo ga koushite kotoba ni naranai
omoi wo kakae nagara kyou mo ikite iru

tsutaetai omoi wa afureru no ni
nee umaku kotoba ni naranai
anata ni deaete inakereba konna
modo kashii itami sae mo shirazuni

tashikana omoi wa kanjiru no ni
nee itsumo kotoba ni dekinai
dare mo ga koushite kotoba ni naranai
omoi wo kakae nagara kyou mo ikite iru

--No Way To Say--

The old wound left on me
Begins to ache
I hide my trembling heart again
And pretend to smile

Even in my age now, I'm the same as before
As timid as before
I only learn how to pretend to be strong

Though my heart is filled with feelings to convey
You see, I can't change them into words well
If I had not met you
I wouldn't even have such an embarrassing pain

Little by little, I've come to realize
That my past never heals
And that it's no use
Fearing the future I can't refuse

How much more courage do I need
To say with my head held high
"This is the only important thing to me" ?

(*) Though I have firm feelings
You see, I can't change them into words as usual
Everyone is living this way
With feelings they can't express

Though my heart is filled with feelings to convey
You see, I can't change them into words well
If I had not met you
I wouldn't even have such an embarrassing pain and ...

(*) repeat)

Jumat, 25 September 2009

My Unofficial Music Videos -- session 1

Oukay, Oukay, oukay, people!
So, what's with it if I post a GMV again??
It's fine, right?? ;)

Well, actually I've made one before this, using the clips fro FFVIIAC (again??) and song entitled Aozora no Namida (sung by Nanase Aikawa, OST Blood+).
But, at least in my opinion, that didn't come out as I want it to be.
So forget it. I guess I'll fix it next time. Then maybe I'll upload it here :)

Can We Let It Go?

Clips used>> Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Song>> When Tomorrow Comes
Song Performer>> Pillar


Copyright of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is owned by Square Enix
"When Tomorrow Comes" is performed and owned by Pillar
(yay yay.. I own nothing in this! XC, except the idea how will this GMV turn out <:D)


I'll continue uploading the others next time (IA).
Just keep waiting :D
*Sorry for it*

Oh yeah, your comment means a lot.
Do I still have the need to ask for it? hehe :Dv

(especially to Tami, Mii, Sekar, & Anggi :D)
and here it is the lyric of the song

"When Tomorrow Comes"

The sunshine of a new day
Shines upon my face

I don't know where to begin
I don't know how it came to this
If things don't change maybe I'll
Be the one that you can't find

I've tried so many times
Tried to get it right
Just so our worlds won't
Collide like two stars in the sky

Its time we both decide
To leave this all behind
When the sun goes down
The future's looking bright

When all is said and done
And tomorrow has begun

Remember today is now yesterday

Can we find a way find a way to let it go?
When tomorrow comes
Today will be a brand new day
Can we let it go?

The sunshine of a new day
Shines upon my face

Reminding me of mistakes
Memories I must erase
Here's one more chance for me
To throw them all away

Today's a brand new start
We made this way too hard
We both need something like
Amnesia of the heart

We stand here face to face
See I won't look away
If you just hold my hand
We'll make it through the day

When all is said and done
And tomorrow has begun

Remember today is now yesterday

Can we find a way find a way to let it go?
When tomorrow comes,
Today will be a brand new day
Can we let it go?


(actually I've posted this lyric before, but I've put it here nowjust so that you can sing-a-long directly if you want to! hehe :D)

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009

Hey People

I miss you people.
It doesn't mean that I don't like it here.
But, I just feel like I don't belong here that much.
Not as much as when I'm with all of you.

I want to see you people.
Here is so different.
Girls like what you saw in TV,
With everything they do. Their acts.

Not a long time ago we saw each other.
Even that it wasn't all.
Wasn't complete,
I'm still waiting for you.

I'm here in the new world,
without supporting weapons,
And like I've already lost in the start.
But I'll still try my best.

Hey people,
When will we see each other again?
Here I feel so empty,
A bit scared,
Like a child that is lost in the crowd.

Hey people,
Do you hear me?
Do you still remember me?
I'm that girl that you know likes to split personality.
That girl some of you know so damn disgusting
but some kind of hypnotizing?
That girl some of you know so loving
but some kind of gloomy?
That girl with long dark-ashe hair?

Hey people,
Will we feel the same in the next three years and so on?
Will we miss each other again?
Will be more or even less?
Will we see each other again?
Will we play together again?
Will we talk together about each of us again?

Hey people,
I miss you.
It's like I'm alone in here.
With no one I can tell what's in my heart,
What I feel,
My wants, My love,
My pains.

What will we be in the next several years?
What will we look like?

I'm so curious about it.

Hey people,
I love you so.


Oke.. mungkin gue mau menjelaskan beberapa hal aja kali ya di sini?


Namanya tuh ya...
Gue ambil buku panduan MOS SMAN 61 dulu.

Yang jelas nama 'PENDEK'nya OSIS itu tuh OSIS..
disingkat OSB

Nih dia.

Nama panjangnya;

OSIS Prematmavan Utamam Bhaktirastu Muktanam Bakhvyam Balavat Bhavatu Purusartha Mumuksunam Suapnamitrasca Etat Niscala Prathryartam Acalambhanamca Sradavantu Bhagavan.

Artinya gak usah ya.
Pusing gue copasin dari buku.

Itu aja uda satu paragraf, belom artinya..
Disuruh afalin pula buat persyaratan beberapa 'autograph' kk OSIS.
Sama buat LDKS pula (di sini LDKS tu wajib buat semua murid).

Huhu... T^T


oh ya, di 61 name tagnya tu ribet.

bentuknya harus segi 8...
harus lancipnya di atas-bawah (patokan sisi)
Warnanya ditentuin letaknya pula.
Bahannya juga ditentuin pula. (Untung bahan ditawarin mesen buat dibeli di koperasi sono)
Harus bisa dibuka kaya pintu...
Kalo dibuka kertas notenya gak boleh jatoh...

Harus tahan lama...
Harus kuat masangnya... (Ini termasuk penampilannya! Kalo nggak gitu. Keliatan kakel bisa2 langsung disobek di depan mata! )

Talinya harus pas dari kepangan tali rafia MERAH-HITAM-MERAH (GAK BOLEH BEDA).
Harus dikasi rumbai2 dari tali kur sebanyak 35 buah @3,5 senti (keliatan terlalu berlebih kakanya tar ngomel2 n dimarahin. Soalnya katanya 35 tali itu ngelambangin jumah kaka2 OSB. Emang sih ==a)

Macem2 la..

Nah.. untungnya dari sekian banyak orang yang 'ketangkep' pas razia name tag segala macem gue nggak ketangkep karena cukup tertib (padahal si untung-untungan juga).
bayangin la, dari 200++ anak yang selamat (scr rata2) gak nyampe 50 orang deh kayaknya.
Itu rata2 uda termasuk setelah pengumuman n peringatan loh (Razia ke 2).

Klo razia pertama si yang selamet kali bahkan gak nyampe 20 orang itu sih o_O

Info lagi..

Di 61 seragamnya jangan lupa...

Rok yang ada lipetan di depan dan PANJANG (auw!).
Sepatu harus hitam bertali (kasian deh yang udah pada beli sepatu baru warna putih..).
Gak pake dasi (gue padahal pengen juga tu pake dasi pas SMA..)
Kaos kaki? Ya harus putih sebetis.
Tapi yah karena roknya panjang gue si gue lipet ke bawah aja (panjang aslinya tetep sebetis lah)

Hari2 MOS untungnya (apa iya?) dari rencana awal 5 hari dipersingkat menjadi hanya 3 hari.
2 hari setelahnya digunakan untuk semacam "Cooling Down" berisi Post MOS (oke, I've told you. Ini rada mirip kelas meeting kecil2an) dan Riang Ria.

Eh inget2 juga ya.. segimana tu galaknya kaka2 OSB pas ngeMOSin kite2.
Emang si ada yang baek2 pula. Tapi yah si kaka TEREKSIS. Yaitu kaka OSIS kita (kita? lo aja kaleeeeee...) yaitu Kak Aldo, ato lengkapnya Aldo Marchiano, ya GALAKE MINTE AMPYUUUUN.

Yang uda di MOS di sono pasti ngerasain dah!

a itu gue pisah post-nya di sini aja yah.

Duh .. kompi dah mulai error2an lage... T^T

Keh, see yoh.

@ mi: soorrrrryyy I write this in Indo! not in English!
It's kinda my promise to my friends! <:)

*= Jangan lupa MOS berarti Masa Orientasi Siswa!
(atau Masa odong Siswa??)
*Jangan lupa pula ini gue tulis seingetnya dan kalo terus gue inget ada yang salah setelah dipublish kemungkinan gak gue ganti. Misalny waktu dan urutan kejadian. Hehe :P

Okeh... MOS pertama hari apa yap?
Gue lupa.


Okwe. Seingetnya aja yah.

Hari pertama:

Gue dateng gak telat gak kecepetan. Pas2an lah istilahna.
Pake baju olahraga.
Nah, masalahnya, dari di mobil gue udah SAKIT PERUT!

Alhasil, nyampe dari mobil walopun masi banyak anak2 yang nunggu di luar gerbang dalem (meski banyak juga yang nunggu di dalem gerbang dalem) gue langsung nyerocos masuk ke WC!!
Penuhin panggilan alam dulu!

Eh, panggil2an alamnya lom selesai di WC uda kedengeran suara TOA dari luar.
Disuru baris sesuai asal sekolah.

Okeh. panggilan alamnya anggap aja uda selese.
Keluar WC, baris.

Sebelah gue akhirnya yang baris adalah Adelaide Debora.

Trus diapelin.
Pas di luar bokap dah kasi gue sebotol kecil minyak kayu putih.
Gue masukin tas aja.

Lhaaaaaaaaaa??? Kok DINGIN??
Lhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? Kok LAMAAAAAAAA????


Gile aja badan gue tuh uda sampe menggigil tau!
Di 61 tu udaranya masi dingin!

Jujur aja gue gak tau kenapa. Padahal kan 61 tu masi di Jakarta. Kok iklim sama udaranya kayak di Bogor aja? (Ini sebenernya bagus sih ==a)

Uda badan gue menggigil, Badan gue ngebintik2 gara2 kedinginan, eh gue malah sakit perut!
Mana pake celana olahraga lagi!
(mine's kinda full of problem because things i don't really want to say T^T)

Apelnya lama pula..

Oke..... disuru duduk abis sekitar sejam kali diapelin...
Masi sakit perut....


Anggap apel udah selese.
Masuk kelas sementara (kelas selama MOS. Kelas asli tar dikocok lagi)
Tadi gue uda liat + dikasitau nyokap gue masuk kelas



Disuru cari mana tu kelasnya.
Eh kakanya pake bilang.


Langsung ngabur tuh anak2 barunya dari lapangan!
Masuk koridor dan.... berseliweran ngecek2 kertas yang ditempel di jendela2 kelas.

Akhirnya, masuk.

Gue dapet 2 baris depan meja guru.
Orang lewat.. lewat.... lewat.

Kelas uda mulai penuh.

Trus akhirnya ada cewe, dan akhirnya dia duduk samping gue buat hari itu.


Terus gue kenalan deh.
Cewe yang duduk samping gue itu namanya..
Hmm... Panggil aja Icha.
(Icha! tu ada Icha lagi tu! bedanya yang ini pake kerudung n lumayan kurus cha! Hehe ^^v)


trus kenalan ma 2 cowo di belakang.

Seinget gue 2 cowo itu yang 1 namanya Simon yang satu lagi klo gak salah Arman.

-------Oh ya, sakit perut gue waktu itu udah ilang loh!)

Abis ituuuu...


Kaka2na pada masuk.
Kelas gue kebagian Kak Panji sama Kak Hanifah.

Eh oke. Apa gue kenalan ma mereka2nya setelah kaka2nya masuk kelas ya?
Au dah.

Akhirnya ngobrol diem ngobrol diem sgala macem, diajarin "Lagu2 Nasional n Daerahnya SMAN 61 sama Kakak Mitra-nya.

Eh ternyata disuru bikin yel-yel.
Darn it.

Gara2 emg pda pemalu or mles knalan, kan jd pada males nyatu tuh.

Tapi akhirnya kenal2an juga (macem2nya skip aja yah).

Trus bikin deh yel2nya setelah berkaliiiiiiiiiiiikali diteken2in ama kakelnya.
Abis istirahat itu juga bru selese (ato besoknya? gue lupa sih! =P)

Nah, disini Gacoan (= semacem pemimpin yel2nya) kelas gue namanya Rahmad Habibie. --bner gag gue nulisnya??-- Dipanggilnya Habibie. Tapi kok kayaknya gue malah manggilnya "Bibi"??
Ni cowok lumayan cakep n mata (+sinar mata)nya bagus. N ternyata saudara2. Kayaknya dia punya 2 (ato 3 ato 4???) fans cewe yang walopun beda kelas kayaknya lumayan sering ngekor si Habibie ini.
Hal ini 'terungkap' pas Post MOS (kelas Meeting gitu lah).

Oh ya, buat nyanyiin yel2 kelas, kakak kelasnya musi manggil nama kelasnya dulu.
so, yang di bawah ini gue buat ala dialog aja yah! :)


Anak sekelas: Apa siiii manggil-manggillllllll???

Gacoan: Tuanku Imam Bonjol samakan suara....

Anak sekelas: Samaaa... Samaaaaaaa.... SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~....

Sama sama sama sama sama....

Gacoan: Tuuu--aaaa--baaaang--ka!

Anak sekelas:

Minggir dong
Minggir dong
Minggir doooooooonggg (1)

Tuanku Imam Bonjol mau lewaaaaatt (2)

Jangan di tengah jalan, nanti terinjak-injak! (3)

Minggir dong
Minggir dong
Minggir dooooooooongggg (1)

Kita ini kelas Imam Bonjol..., (2)
werewerewer bam bam ngek ngok! (SC)

Lagi di MOS di 61..., (4)
werewerewer bam bam ngek ngok! (SC)

Hormat kami Bapak-Ibu Guru.., Kakak Mitra OSB 61..., (5)
werewerewer bam bam ngek ngok!

Gacoan: Tuanku Imam Bonjooooooooooooooooooooooollllll??


(oh ya, semuanya si sebenernya pake jalan kecil di tempat juga)

1= tangan ngusir2 arak kanan
2=nunjuk diri sendiri pake kedua jempol
3=nginjek2 3x
4=dua telunjuk nunjuk2 lantai
5=hormat sambil jalan di tempat tentunya
SC= Special Combo= Ada deh... Susah jelasinnya. yang jelas "Trademark"nya Imam Bonjol gituu.
ED=Ending= bergaya a la Ultraman di Sin-chan. yang dua tangan ngarah ke atas kanan sambil ketawa tiwi :D


Okeh. sementara ini sampe situ dulu. Gue lanjutin deh sekarang ke post selanjutnya tapi yah.
jadi klo kalian mo bacanya berhenti dulu udh ada tandanya.
Ini buat Hari Pertama.

Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

My Sights About Them

Kay... jadi sebelumnya gue pengen lanjutin FanFic CloTi gue.
Tapi gara2 berkunjung ke blognya Farah, gue jadi inget akan 'janji' gue.
Yaitu menulis semacam 'sight' (penglihatan/sudut pandang) gue akan temen2 gue di AXEVATION. Baik-buruk, Netral maupun nggak, serah kalian mau berpendapat apa.

Buat yang mungkin merasa tersindir/terhina... mau cewek atopun cowok.., mohon hindarilah rasa tersinggung kalian tersebut sebisa mungkin.
Buat yang merasa dipuji, silahkan merasa tersanjung, tapi jangan berlebihan.
Dan mohon pendapat2 gue ini jangan dijadikan ajang 'cie-cie'an.
Terlebih ajang 'Flaming'. - ~ -

Kay, karena ini udah pukul 22.41 WIB menurut kompi gue, dan bsok gue masi musti masuk skul,
Jadi yang gue post untuk sementara adalah 5 absen pertama dulu yah ^^
--gaya penulisan agaknya mengikuti cara farah dalam post tertentunya--
--maaf ya far blom bayar hak paten. hehe ^^--

1. Gue (Adinda Anandatia)

Seorang Cewek yang daripada dibilang sifatnya gak ada yang dominan masi lebih bisa dibilang sifat-sifatnya tersebut adalah dominan semuanya meskipun ada yang bertolak belakang. Bisa jadi banyak yang bilang aneh. Beraliaskan FreaLynn Tashmetum Amalthea dan kemungkinan besar dikenal sebagai pribadi yang bertolak belakang tergantung lingkungannya berada. Tapi tenang saja, itu bukannya pura2, emang aja gue tuh dua-duanya. ^^

Ngerti? Iya? Nggak? Bagus.

2. Mas Algojo (Aditya Achmal)

Orang yang sering dikatain 'bokap' gue terutama oleh si Nino (a.k.a. Abhi) dan Boncil (a.k.a. Hafidh). Yah gara2 nama panggilannya sama kya bokap gue aja si. Padahal penulisannya beda si. Orangnya item, gede, sipit, tinggi, dan agaknya cukup emosional sehingga cukup cocok dialiaskan sebagai Algojo mengikuti julukannya di buku tahunan yang telah disarankan oleh anak2 cewe lainnya.

Dlu jujur aja sempet gue tampar karena semabarangan ngebuka loker gue sehingga ada karya Seni Budaya (Seni Rupa) gue pecah (susah tau buatnya!!!!!!!!!), padahal bru aja hari sebelumnya dikasi pengarahan khusus oleh guru BK untuk tidak membuka2 loker orang lain (jagalah privasi temanmu!). --Sori yah Dit--

Sering sekelompok ma gue, terutama TIK, n setau gue juga lumayan jago kompi.
Cukup bisa diandalkan juga untuk hal2 tugas (gk telat klo disuruh ngumpulin tugas klompok) walaupun terkadang rada menyebalkan. Tapi selain itu sih, dia cukup gue hormati.
Anaknya sebenarnya cukup menyenangkan dan easy going, cuma aja ngomongnya kurang bisa dijaga, sehingga cukup mengganggu kenyamanan anak cewek laennya di AXEVATION.

Sekarang anaknya lagi sakit, So, Get Well Soon, bro!
Moga cepet sembuh ya!

3. Si Kribo (Amirah Qisti Utami)

Seorang fans dari Robin van Persie dan Chelsea FC. Orangnya berjilbab, Supel, Fleksibel, Rame, Asyik, tapi berisik n COMEL (itu sih udah terkenal sekelas!). Belum lama ini mendapat julukan 'Aura Kasih' karena seorang guru yang bercandain namanya yang akhirnya dilanjutkan oleh anak-anak cowok.

Punya adek yang cukup banyak, n setau gue salah satu nama adeknya sama kayak nama salah satu AXEVATION, yaitu Hafidh. Saking ngefansnya sama Van Persie dia ampe ngefans ma istrinya juga.
Kadang2 kalo ngerjain tugas gue ngumpulinnya sering barengan ato sekitar dia.

Jangan lupa tadi pagi pas buat gelang, dia stres berat *duh lebay gw* gara2 gelangnya jadinya amburadul! Ampe begging ke farah biar tuker gelang dengan segudang alasan n rayuan ---wahahahahahhahaha!!!---

Terkadang anaknya Lebay, n sempat digosipkan suka sama Jonatan karena mukanya yang dibilang mirip Van Persie. Tapi ngakunya sih sekarang dah ganti lagi.

Simply, Seorang teman yang asyik diajak maen n hang-out.
An Easy-Going girl.

4. Mokona Kering (Ayu Fatmawati)

Mau tau kenapa gue bilang Mokona Kering?
1. Dia kadang2 kelewat nyolot, n klo udah gitu, biasanya dia bakal ngomong sambil melototin gue.. misal;
"Iya. Trus kenapa?" ---gue bales dikit langsung dipotong-- "Ya udah gapapa kan?"
Nah itu dia ngomongnya sambil melotot, nah itu ngingetin gue ma tokoh Anime/Manga-nya CLAMP yang berjudul Magic Knight Rayearth atau sekarang sudah dikompilasikan di Anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle yang bernama Mokona Apapa. Dia klo melotot biasanya ngomongnya 'Mekyo!'. Dan kering yang karena si Ayu ini gak setebal Mokona asli kayak di Animenya.

Selain nyolot, dia juga judes.
Tapi bagusnya, dia setia kawan (sayangnya cuma sama sobat-sobatnya aja).
N jago masak. N pinter.
Selain itu, dia juga nempel banget sama Mbak Preman kita, Mbak Diana atau Lady D!
N jangan lupa mengenai gosip antara dia dan Benhi! hahah!!
Patience, all! You both know the truth!

Jangan lupa, dia juga termasuk kebanggaan guru-guru di skul. Rumahnya cukup sering jadi tmpat ngumpul anak cewek kalo liburan. Terutama buat nonton DVD/VCD yang dipinjem dari rental (biasanya Aster). Neneknya jago masak pula. (Nurun ke cucunya nih?)

Yang gue inget terakhir ini sih, gue sempet beberapa kali ditawarin (ato minta yah?? hehe~) roti isi selai kacangnya yang dibawa dari rumah. Asli! Enak banget! Setelah gue tanya barulah gue tau klo selainya tuh homemade alias racikan sendiri oleh neneknya! hehe~~ *duh laper! blom makan malem nih!*

5. Si Ben Ten (Benhard Saut Tahi)

Nah ini dia Obama item kita. Benhi.
Yang sempet dikabarin 'ehemmmmmmmmmmm!!' sama beberapa cewek misalnya; Brigitta, n satu lagi dari klas gue, Ayu, si Mokona Kering. Tapi entah kenapa sekarang malah kesandung 'cie-ciean' sama Lady D.
Ni cowok stok senyumnya segudang, termasuk pendiam, n jarang marah2 (bukannya gak bisa marah sih, tapi yang saat marah seinget gue gak pernah menunjukkan sifat destruktif).

Setau gue kadang-kadang dikatain sama anak cowok lainnya 'Banci'.
Mungkin gara2 dia sering main n akrab ma anak cewek??
Well, menurut gue sih jelas2 dia bukan banci. Jujur deh, menurut gue yang ngatain dia banci bner2 gak ngerti antara sifat 'Gentleman' dan 'Banci'.
--silahkan dah lo bangga, Ben. Gue emang muji lo kok. Tapi jangan berlebihan yah GRnya--

Pada semester ini, adalah sepertinya menggantikan tugas bendahara dan mengambil alih tugas pengumpulan Dana Infak, Shalawat, dan Dana Sosial kelas.
Setau gue dia bisa main keyboard dengan baik (yang jelas lebih bagus dari gue). n juga bisa main gitar (seperti halnya dengan Axers lainnya).

Yang jelas ni cowok gak banyak bacotnya. Kalo menurut gue sih, walaupun gue bukan sahabatnya (maunya si gitu, tapi sayangnya gue bukan! setidaknya sepertinya bgitu!),
termasuk sosok teman yang dapat dipercaya dan diandalkan. ^^


*AXEVATION : nama angkatan kelas gue. Kepanjangan dari Axel Seventh Generation.
*AXER : sebutan gue untuk cowok AXEVATION.
*AXESS : sebutan gue untuk cewek AXEVATION.


Ya udah sih, segitu dulu. Ngantuk gue.
Dah jam setengah dua belas maleman.
Aturan sih bentar lagi ada pertandingan MU.
Mau nonton sih, tapi dah ngantuk.
Liat aja tar.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


So, wanna know what I do last Friday and Saturday??

Jadi, Jumat kemaren abis gue bantu2 nyokap menjadi pembantu cadangan.. dengan..
Menjemur n ngambil baju yg udah kering berhubung lg gk ada pembantu...

Gue ke warnet.. maunya sih main PW.. soalnya wktu tu PW gw masi error..

Trus, nyampe2.. udah full
Itu pas gue nanya ke mbaknya,

Trus si Timo manggil!

"Eh FreaLynn!"
"Oh Hi!"

Trus gue samperin kan..
"Eh, Ada Andre...."

Trus w sapa Andre juga.
"Hi Ndre!"
""Hai Fre~" *Eh gue lupa deng, dia manggil gue Frea apa Dinda soalnya.... tar gue posting deh*

Nah itu si Andre n Timo lg maen Audition. Gile bunyi keyboardnya!

--kedengeran kali tuh ampe ke lantai atas--

Yah udah, situ ada temennya juga.. Gue pernah ketemu sih beberapa kali sebelumnya.. Pas markas MaZoKu masi di JP.
Tapi gk tau namanya.... (HUUUUUUUUUU!! PAYAHHH!!)

So, diketahui akhirnya bahwa namanya Jonathan. Dipanggilnya Jo/ JoJo.
(Anak clan MaZoKu juga)

Akhirnya ampe sore gue cuma nontonin si Andre maen... (berapa lamakah itu?? 3 jam-an)
Sambil kirim2in lagu dari hpnya Andre yg lagi dipake JoJo.

Tapi payahnya si Andre gk mau pinjemin Tabletnya! (HPnya Andre TouchScreen)

Akhirnya, krn si Jojo emg cuma mo dengerin lagu, n gue juga mo ngirim lagu..
Jadilah Tabletnya gue pake kuku gue yg panjangnya udah 1/4-1/2 senti sejak digunting bbrp hari lalu.. (berhubung si JoJo ternyata baru gunting kuku. N nyaris gk ada sisa kuku putih* nya)

Akhirnya gue nonton Audinya Andre sambil kadang2 bagi dua headset sama Jojo.
Hahah!! Tapi sebel juga! Yg kekirim cm belasan lagu!
*Maunya ampe 50++ Heheh...*

Tapi seneng juga sih.. dah dapet lagu "Fly" sama "Fan" nya Epik High.
Sayang gk ada Love Love Love nya

Tapi payah juga Andre, Rata2 lagunya kualitasnya cuma size 1-2+MB
(buat lagu 4mnit-an, jdi kresek2)
*gue biasanya dengerin yg 4mnitnya sizenya skitar 4-6 MB*

Tapi gapapa!!!!!
Yang "Fly", trus "Aku Tak Bisa"nya The Flow, n "Fitri" nya The Nox, kualitasnya suaranya bagus! *nggak kresek2*
n "Feels Like Tonight"nya Chris Daughtry juga lumayan!

Trus sempet ketemu Teno juga.
Tapi cuma nyapa, soalnya kompinya dia di sisi yang berlawanan.
Cowok yg laen yang ada deket gue sih bilang biar gue Audinya couple-an ma Teno aja (MazoKu~Norenz),
tapi yah.. gue males ah... Hahah
*kayaknya mereka kira gue baru kenal Teno yah, mereka selain Andre tentunya*

Lagian kan gue udah jarang online Audi.

N btw, Si Andre ma JoJo kayaknya lagi nungguin Gary (spt biasa, anak MaZoKu juga, tapi mungkin It's Me) . Tau tu anak, ngeliat Andre ma Jojo sih kayaknya mereka dah nunggu lama.
Hahah.. akhirnya jam 4-5an Andre ma JoJo balik.
*JoJo nemenin Andre doang soalnya*

Akhirnya ada kompi kosong *sebelumnya ada sih, tp gue wktu tu kburu gk niat maen.. kburu ngiler ma lagu2 di HPnya Andre. Duh Ndre, Moga2 kita cepet ketemu lagi yah. Gue NGILER ABIS ma lagu2 di HP lo itu. Ada "Laugh Away"-nya YUI lagi!

Hahah.. trus setelah mereka pulang, gue ambil alih deh kompi yang sebelumnya dipake Andre.
OL Audi bentar. Ngecek sikil. Eh salah! Skill! Skill, Skill!
Yah. masi mendingan lah..
Trus Log Out n coba OL PW.. yah.. ngepatch dulu..
Ya udah.. w tungguin sambil browsing..
Yeh ganti server kan biar yang main game gk pd ngelag gr2 w browsing,
Yeh... tambal lemot ngepatchnya..

Ya udah.. gue cuma browsing deh ampe pulang..


Yang hari Sabtu tar aja yah, abis ni w mo main PW gue soalnya, soalnya udah selese diupdate.

Oh ya, satu lagi

So, hari ini bokap gue mo mindahin si Tetua OB (Office Boy) dari Akuarium gue.
Alias si Ikan Sapu-sapu yang seinget gue udah bertahun2 di situ yang badannya kayaknya udah kegedean buat perumahannya yaitu akuarium gue.

Tapi.. duh, susah banget. Mana lampu akuariumnya mati lagi.
Pegel2 tangan (tepatnya lengan kali ya?) gue nahan tutup akuariumnya,
Soalnya bokap gue ngeburu si Tetua.
Yang dipindahin bukan cuma si Tetua sih, tapi yah, yang paling bikin capek ya si Tetua itu..
Sisanya sih klo gak salah ada dua ikan yang juga ikut dipindahin..
Mereka klo kata bokap gue mo dituker sama yang kecilan..
Biar akuariumnya gak kepadatan kayak kota Jakarta gini.*tehehhh*

Sayang juga sih gue, ma si Tetua. Soalnya dia satunya ikan sapu2 di AQ gue.
Dah lama lagi tinggalnya.
Hiks.... Kasian gue...

Yah udah deh. Toh klo dia di akurium gue mulu malah kesiksa kali.
Iyah si dapet makan gratis (Dia makanin kotoran di akuarium, mirip2 lele),
Tapi kan sempit....


Ya udah deh.

See ya all!

*kurang lebih copy paste dari profil facebook gw*



Kok yang nganterin Ades kemaren, cowok seumuran gue, muke Chinese (emang Chinese kali mba!),


waktu gue bukain pintu pagar, pas dy liat gw, dia senyum, trus nunduk n ngusap2 kepala, guenya sih di luar diem aja (but akhirnya senyum dikit juga) tapi di dalem ...


(I'm a crazy fangirl!!! Asli cakeeeeeeeeep bgt mukanya!! Ngalahin Glenn Alinskie kaliii *menurut gue dia artis Indo tercakep, apa emg selera gw yg chinese2?????!! No no no.. Don't think so..*)

---n gue musi tahan senyum gw klo di luar kamar semaleman!! GILA!!


*sampe sekarang masi senyum2*


*pasti tar pipi gue pegel2*

Btw, sebel gue musi bersih2 memori kompi + reinstall PW gue yg gila.. DL ulg filenya aj ampe 2hari-an! 2+ GB gitu...!! Skrg lg update patch.. moga2 gk lama deh..





Patchnya udah selese diupdate!!!!!!!!!

Damn!! See you then!!
Gotta play!



that's the link.

I don't know is that the complete family tree or not,
but looks like it is. Or it is almost.

This is the paragraph that consists me.
(And my family)

1072. 452.12 Aditia Suharyo Putra HARYANA PRAWIRA.
Isteri: Nursusiana ZAKIR ABDULLAH, anak Zakir Abdullah dan Siti Nafsiah MANAF.
1693. 1072.1 Annisa Anandatia HARYANA PRAWIRA. (-)
1694. 1072.2 Adinda Anandatia HARYANA PRAWIRA. (-)

Well, I found that blog in my sis's blogroll.
Thanks to ya, sis!

So I've made this site for AXEVATION.

Okay, sorry that I use English!!! (*people please don't throw tomatoes at me!!*)

Jadi gue buat website di webs.com ngikutin Om Abhi n Nova n Farah yang waktu itu buat di sekolah, dan memang website ini gue buat untuk AXEVATION. So lo semua klo emang mau *minta aja tar ke gue, khusus Axevation* bakal gue kasi ID & Pass-nya.


Please dong buat anak Axel, mau masuk tak? Soalnya klo gak jadi member tu site bakal kosong-kosong terus..!

Dan yang jadi member anak Axel aja yah? soalnya klo setau gue member juga bisa post blog entry.
Di sana ada forumnya juga. Sebenernya cara make forum tuh cukup simpel, kok.
Malah klo menurut gue sih ya.. lebih simpel daripada pake Facebook.

well, ini alamat webnya;

--AXEVATION-- HeadQuarters


klo bisa cek dulu aja..
And klo mo liat contoh tampilannya yang baru bisa (and worth it) untuk dilihat baru Home, Member, Forum, n Alliances. Iya sih, masih ada salah kode, but I'm really really sorry, cause I'm not an expert anymore at those things.

Gue saranin sih buka Forum sama Member (isinya informasi umum semua member) aja dulu.
Membernya baru gue sih. Tapi gue rasa si itu cukup buat contoh.

Trus klo buat forum, cara makenya (umumnya orang ngomongin topik2 tertentu) mirip2 sama masukin posting blog kok. Buat New Thread / Topic-nya mirip sama cara make Bulletin Board-nya FS, trus ngasi komen di topiknya sistemnya mirip (ato sama) dengan ngasi testimonial ato komen di FS.

*sori gue gak bisa upload gambarnya di sini. bisa sih. tapi uploadnya gile lemotnye minta ampuun!!*

Btw, sori tadi w ngamuk. Lagi 'panas'. Kesel berat gue. Hoehoehoeh...

Ya udahlah, well, btw, gpp juga sih klo lo pada gk suka situs yg gue buat itu.
Tapi tar buatin yang baru yah! So axel ada websitenya, yang gede, jangan blog doang!


Then, see yaaaaaaaaa~~!!


Selasa, 14 April 2009

Awal Baru

so here's the poem (?)...
No no no.. actually it's a song....
Well, so here's the song that I submitted to my Art n' Culture teacher.
For my Score Collections, of curz.

Actually I also want to submit the music sheet.
But just too lazy to do it. It's such a complicated thing. Phewww... ~

It's quite short, by the way.
Maybe that's bcoz it's only the first part?

Well, I think if I submit the second part, the melodies will come around the same.

Yeah, shut this s**t up, and let's go straight 2 da point! ^0^
So here it is . . . . . . . . . .


Awal Baru

Lepaslah bebanku pagi hari ini
Bangunkanku 'tuk lihat sinar mentari
Lepaslah diriku dari memori
Yang seharusnya tidak kuingat lagi

Dan bawalah 'ku 'tuk berjalan
Telusuri hidup baruku
Temaniku untuk melihat
Awal baru hari ini


That's it.
It's only 'bout 8 lines.
Quite short, just like whadda said.

Well then, what do ya think?


Wookay, this afternoon I download a NEW THEME FROM FIREFOX.

Luv it so much.
I know it doesn't really fit on my com, but still, It's pretty cool n great!

And it's really good to know that this theme fit my (THIS) blog as well!
(and also the AXEVATION HeadQuarters site) ^0^

The theme entitled Blue Fox.
The similar theme is also available in Bloody Red, Orange, Electric Green, and Pink, out of Blue.

And here's the looks! :

And here's in Fullscreen! :

It's pretty good, isn't it?

(And yep! I really love the full screen version!, Once you took your pointer to the top the tab list will be shown, but if your pointer wasn't there, it wouldn't show up! Really nice!)


Jumat, 10 April 2009

DJ Tiesto's Songs


This is 'some' songs of my (and almostly everyone) most favourite DJ.

Love yaaa!!


(attention everyone!! I'm not a Clubber but I am a 'HomeClubber' --I have my own 'clubbing times' in my room. Just play the music from the computer, and 1-2-3, Go!)

Well then, Let's just go straight to the point!

1. Lethal Industry

That one is the live version. In Tiesto in Concert 2004.
See til the end. The electric Violin performance by DJ Mason (if I'm rite) is way tooo COOL!
And really is the MAGNIFICENT one!

I heard this song at the first time in Audition AyoDance!, but that one is not the live version. I also like it, though. but I like this version much better. (That electrin vio performance is just way too great!)

And I (REALLY) Wonder...

When will Indonesia have THAT kind of STAGE!!???

That DJ Stage???

(say what? I think that is what I said by a Superstar's Stage!)

That one is really cool.
Sorry, I mean, REALLY COOL.

2. Summer Jam

Wokay everyone! This one REALLY IS A SONG! not only an Instrumental Remix like the others.
I'm sure some of you already heard the reff..

"This ain't nothing but a summer jam
Brown skin and cinnamon tans, whoa
This ain't nothing but a summer jam
We're gonna party as much as we can"


3. PowerMix

Don't get it wrong Ma'am!
It's kinda random but sure, It's the one of da greatest! ^0^

4. Just Be

This one is exist in Audition AyoDance! that's the first time I heard this song.
This one I also get from YouTube (my friend, you're so useful!!!)
This is Live from Tiesto in Concert 2004. Just like The Lethal Industry which I put here.
I don't really know who the singer was (not the DJ), as I remember looks like it's Kristy Hawkshaw.

5. Open Your Mind - feat. Yahel

I like this song too.
But some people says that this is Yahel's.

Owh people please... I mean is it really Yahel's?
I'm sure that Tiesto is the one who played the music (at least in this version)
So I don't care if u guys say that "Yahel wrote this! I don't know why you million folks said it is Tiesto's"

Although, I (We) didn't say it's Tiesto's.
It's Tiesto feat. Yahel!

6. Traffic

I don't really know. This is the great one too, but I just don't really know.
As I know this is one of his first singles that led him to the DJ throne.
And REALLy is a longlasting popular song in the charts. At least in the Dance Song/Remix charts.

7. Insomnia

This one is pretty short for his standard. But also pretty good.
Ow yeah, don't forget to check up the ending.

8. Delerium - Silence - feat. Sarah McLachlan

This one is performed with Sarah McLachlan. I don't really know her, but,
thanks to her!!
As I know this also one of his first singles that led him to the DJ throne where he 'sit' nowadays!

And ow yeah, the clips in this one is taken from FFVII Advent Children.
Final Fantasy Movies are just REALLY GREAT for making AMV/GMV/MMVs!

9. Requiem for a Dream

When I heard the title at the first time, know what I captured?
The movie with the same title. I never watched it but, these days I'm just so busy with my FFXII GMV project (and also with my upcoming and inline General Tests).
And well, I found a trailer on YouTube which use an Instrumental song with the same title.
Not the one by DJ Tiesto, though, but the one that people said is the one that was used in the trailer of The Lord of The Rings. And not to forget, also in that movie with the same title.

Well, at the end, I think Tiesto's remix is just really great.
It's not like most of other DJ's.
I think it has melodies of their own.
I enjoy hearing them.
Beautiful music, for me.
Unlike most of the others that is, what? yep! headache makers.
And as I know, half of his fans is, just say, are 'die-hard' clubbers.
But the other half, they know him from the media. Like radio, Internet, or those kinds.
That other half just gone to his show like they were going to a usual concert. (No need to say that there are still different feelings about it).

For more info maybe you should see this;


And I think that's all for this time. ^^
I have many things to do. ^^


send you all card to repost if you're also a fan ar admirer of DJ Tiesto in every way possible. ^0^

°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„
¨°º¤ø„ ¸Tiёsto LEGEND¨°º¤ø„¸
¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º „¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ From INDONESIA

*fist raised high*



Gila gak gue????

Bener kok!! Bener!! Gue naksir (doang loh ya!) sama tukang becak!!

Gile tu tukang becak...
Gue baru tau sekarang tapinya...

Jadi... tadi tuh ya...

Tadi abis TO NF kan gue sama Icha, Nabila, Hafshah, n Tami makan dulu bentar dimana gitu... deket NF pula

Abis selese kan gue pulang duluan tuh, soalnya musi jaga kandang. Sissy w mo pergi bareng 'ehem'nya. Mumpung lagi di Jakarta gitu lowh...
Kan die bru balik dari Jogja...

Nah gue naek CH, rada gerimis tuh waktu itu, sama waktu mau mulai solat Jumat.
Abis naek CH, w turun di deket Patria yang deket Poris, daerah apa namanya? Kandang Ayam! (apa Hankam???)
Yang jelas tempatnya itu deket sama markas MaZoKu dulu.. Yaitu warnet JP.

(tempat Putri dulu kerja jadi Keeper, sekarang Putri konsen jadi guru ngaji dulu, jadi MaZoKu pindah ke Spider, berhubung abis Putri berhenti jadi Keeper di JP, JP pelayanannya jadi krg bagus.
Banyak yang browsing pula.
Anak MaZoKu yang waktu itu getol maen AyoDance! jadi ngelaglaglag mulu klo maen.
Maen D4 susah, gimana D8!
Apalagi Beat Up! --gue biasanya maen D4 ato Beat Up 8D-- BP kalah mulu pula.
Ilang deh tuh Den pada. Lebih-lebih klo lagi tanding Club! Hwah!!)

Rencananya gw di situ mo naek ojek..


Ada sih orang tiduran satu. Tapi.... yah gitu deh.
Tukang becak, lagi istirahat.
Dia bilang tukang ojeknya lagi pada solat Jumat.
Oh iye ye! Kan ini hari Jumat!
Dinda Odongg!!

Katanya tunggu aja ampe ja setengah satu.
Nunggu sono? 15-30 menit lagi??
No Way...

Akhirnya gue jalan 'Mundur' ke arah tukang becak di depan Poris.
Ada dua becak.
Baru mau lega dikit..
Eh, gue nyadar orangnya nggak ada.
Malah yang ada tukang gorengan yang emang mangkal situ juga.

Yah udah. Nyerah...
Mulai jalan masuk ke Poris (rencananya lewat jalan tembus yang nembus ke Bukit Kencana)
ring.. Niring... KLINING...


Pas becaknya lagi berjalan (? roda toh ya?) ke arah gue, gue ngomong setengah teriak sama abangnya... (dengan sedikit Body Language pula)

"Bang-bang, mau narik lagi bukan?"
--gue nanya gitu soalnya dia kayak abis baru selese nganterin penumpang, jadi gue takut dia abis tu mau solat Jumat, begonya gue, gue lupa klo waktu itu (sepertinya) solat Jumat di daerah sana tuh udah tinggal Ceramahnya--

Kata abangnya:
"Iya, neng! Ni mau narik lagi, kok! Yuk!"

Si abang pun yang becaknya udah berhenti di depan gue mempersilahkan gue duduk di becak.
tapi terus gue turun lagi (lagian gue belom sepenuhnya duduk).
"Bang! Puterin becaknya dulu, deh!"
---kan kasian juga klo muterinnya pas gue udah duduk.. beban yang diangkut pas muterinnya nambah banyak deh..)

"Oke deh, neng!"

Becakpun arahnya sudah diputarbalikkan. Lalu gue masuk. Duduk.
Roda becak mulai bergulir.
Gak lama kemudian....

Becaknya si bapak papasan sama.... Becak tuh cowok!!!
Trus si bapak (yang nganterin gue pake becaknya ini) nyapa tuh cowok (yang becaknya sedang kosong pula) en ngomong beberapa hal yang gue gak tlalu inget.
Tuh cowok senyum aja --sambil ngomong dikit sih-- ke si bapak (sepenglihatan gue gitu, soalnya dia jelas bukan lagi senyum ke arah gue).

Tapi kok perasaan...
Setelahnya... (apa sebelumnya??)
dia senyum ke gue dulu ya??
Yang jelas sih, gue inget gue bales senyumnya dia.. (kalo itu emang bener ditujukan buat gue)

Gue inget.
Tu cowok paling nggak udah nganterin gue (dengan becaknya, yang jelas) DUA kali.
Dan emang sejak pertama liat sih udah ada feeling...
Secara dia emang lumayan cakep. Badannya bagus pula.
Kulitnya sawo mateng. Sedikit lebih gelap dari kulitnya si Belo' (begitulah rata-rata anak cewek memanggilnya) a.k.a. Radit kayaknya.
Tapi bersih!!
Mulus pula!
Bersinar pula!

(husss!! Frey, Lebay lo!!!)
(tanpa disangka-sangka gue udah sering curi-curi kesempatan buat ngeliatin dia klo gue lewatin tu pangkalan becak)

--Frey, jangan gila dong!--
--okay, stop this bullshit (oowhhh.... Take a Bow~~! Taik-E-Boooo!!!~~~) and let's continue this thing!--

--Gue inget pertama kali gue dianterin sama tuh cowok. Bisa sih bersikap biasa aja.. Tapi...
Masya Allah!!!! Gila! Gue gak tau sih ni cowok nyadar apa nggak! Tapi Sumpeh!! Gue ngerasa Aneeeeeeeeh!! Bangetttttttt!!! Ngerasa bersalah pula.... untung sekarang gue tau dia lebih tua paling nggak sekitar 3 tahun dari gue, klo nggak, sumpe de loooo!! Ngerasa bersalah banget gue!

Soalnya beneran, dia itu Secara umur klo diliat dari muka gak beda jauh ma Radit!!

[loh ya, ni anak kan nggak mirip ama Radit, odong! Ngapain lo bandinginnya sama dia mulu!??
"Yah 'kan gue cuma mencoba memberikan deskripsi pada pembaca.... Dan yang rada mirip yah.. si Belo' itu.. Tapi yah klo mukanya sih nggak mirip sama Radit, kok! Yang gue maksud tuh klo lo 'baca' mukanya, lo bakal ngira dia tuh umurnya 13-15 tahun! Itu doang kok maksud gue!!"]

Lalu, beberapa lama setelah tu becak udah ngelewatin becak yang gue naikin,
gue nanya,
"Bang... Anak yang tadi itu umurnya berapa, sih Bang?"
"%"%"%"%$&^*#%^@#%" (gue lupa dia ngomong apa)
amp;^*#%^@#%" (gue lupa dia ngomong apa)
amp;^*#%^@#%" (gue lupa dia ngomong apa)
"Anak yang tadi umurnya berapa sih, Bang?"
"Kok kayaknya seumuran sama saya..."
"Ooohh... itu dia emang seumuran sama mbak! (tadi neng kok sekarang Mbak???)
Umurnya hampir 17 tahun.. kurang dikit, lah.... Dia kemaren gak ikut Pemilu soalnya.."
"Ooohh... "
"Orangtuanya gak mampu, sih... Jadi dia berhenti sekolah... (Jadilah tukang becak.., gak tau deh si bapak ngomong yang gue kurungin ini apa nggak. Yang jelas gue nangkep akhir kalimatnya seperti itu)"
(kok tau aja ya ni orang? gue kan gak nanya apa-apa)
". . . . . . . ."
Diemlah gue........ Masih dengan memasang senyum yang belum berkurang dari tadi..
Seneng banget kayaknya gue ngeliat tu cowok...

Tapi gak lama kemudian...
Gue bilang ke diri gue sendiri..
"Lo jahat ya, Din ....." --gak terlalu tau kenapa gue bilang begitu--
Lalu gue kembali ke pikiran biasa gue dan berpikir...

"Coba tu cowok kaya dikit. Bukan tukang becak. Dapet kesempatan sekali aja bisa tuh dia jadi artis!!! ngalahin si Entong!!"

My Gloomy
(if don't wanna say it as 'Dark') Side pun balik lagi...
"Dunia nggak adil ...."
"Memangnya seberapa banyak keadilan di dunia?"
"Nggak sebanyak seharusnya ....."

Akhirnya gue nggak ngomong apa-apa lagi tentang itu sampe roda becak berhenti berputar di depan rumah gue..
(Iya gue nggak ngomong apa-apa lagi tentang itu, tapi gue tetep nunjukin jalan dikit. Soalnya kayaknya baru kali ini gue dianterin ma tukang becak yang itu)

Gue turun.
Gue bayar.
Trus gue nanya lagi...
"Ngg.. Bang, emang anak yang tadi udah berapa lama jadi tukang becak?"
"Yah adalah neng (lagi?? tadi Mbak!!) sekitar setahun.." ---whatttt??????---
"Orang Tegal dia"
oohh.. Orang Tegal...
"Tapi dia tinggal di sini kan?"
"Yah nggak Neng..." ---WHAT THE?????---
"Dia tidur di atas sana" --apa!??--
"Itu loh neng, Poncol.."
kata si abang sambil nunjuk ke arah tanjakan yang jaraknya sekitar 5 rumah dari rumah gue. Gue kadang-kadang ke sana, kok. Gue tau mulai masuk tanjakan itu adalah daerah pinggiran perumahan Bukit Kencana. Kampung, tepatnya. Termasuk kampung modern sih. Banyak jalan tembus pula.)

Ohh.. But wait... Tidur??? kok ngomongnya Tidur...???
"Dia tidur di rumah bos becak.. Mirip sama saya sama yang lain juga... Cuma dia tinggalnya deket Mushola.."
"Kasian yah dia, nggak sekolah ... "
Dan jadi tukang becak pas dia masih remaja, itu kayaknya yang dirasakan --dan ingin dilanjutkan-- si Bapak..
Gue juga ngerasa kok..

Sekilas gue pengen bilang ke bokap..
Biar dia dimasukin ke beasiswa Astra (atau TMMIN?).
Soalnya bokap gue juga yang ngurusin beasiswa perusahaan tempat bokap gue kerja itu di daerahnya...
Yah kali aja bisa nyekolahin tu cowok.. (kalo belom terlambat, kali aja dia pendidikan terakhirya kelas 4 SD?)

Anak yang di daerah gue aja yang sekolahnya dibantu (atau dibiayai) Toyota udah belasan.. (apa puluhan?)

Salah satunya setau gue ampe lulus SMA. Tau deh universitasnya (masuk IPB bo! Sedengernya gue anaknya lumayan pinter! --soalnya gue juga kenal ama bapaknya, dulu -apa sampe sekarang?- tukang becak [pula], sekarang seringnya bantu-bantu benerin ini-itu di rumah orang-orang Bukit. Terutama yang di RT gue. Kali-kali aja tu anak klo seumuran sama gue masi pinteran dia daripada gue ato nabila!) dibayar sendiri ama ortunya ato nggak.. Gu nggak terlalu tau soalnya.

Tapi yah akhirnya..
I have no strength to do that....

. . . . . . . . . .

"But ....."
"He really is..."
"...... Sumthin' Sweet. . . . . "
" . . . . Lovely"
" ....."



"Shut it, Frey!!
Lo cuma naksir!"
"You have pride!"
"You have life to live!"
"Dreams to own!"
"Dreams to be reached!!"
. . . . .

Don't care . . .

"......... Hmm ..."
"... And you do have another 'man' that you really love!"

Okay . . . ,
That one is true . . .

"Payah kau, Frey...."


Jumat, 03 April 2009

The Guardians

A/N: Awkay... looks like I DO need a FanFiction Account....
I think after this I will continue my CloTi Fanfic (you should know what)
Or maybe I will make another Final Fantasy AMV/GMV/Unofficial Trailer.
Or whatever you say it. Haha ^^

Well, if you still wanna read, thanks.
Enjoy then! ^0^

Story Type: Chapitres
Rating: T
Warning: -

Chapter 1: Prologue


The Dream

Where is this? Flowers everywhere... Low-high Brush labyrinth... So... This is a garden? Why... Am I here?

I see myself walk into the labyrinth.
Why isn't there any way except a brush labyrinth? I dont' want to be here... What's this place anyway? Wait, I see something. A white dome. Pillars... Is that a hall? There's someone there. Who's that? A guy...? Around my age? Is that a book he is holding now? An ancient book, looks like. Hey, wait, what's in his right hand? A rod? With Azure crystal at it's end? What an odd... What is he wearing anyway?? Is that a robe? A red wine-colored robe? Oh.. Am I dreaming? Looks like I'm seeing a wizard now...

Now I see myself walking easily out of the labyrinth towards the white hall.

Hey.. I don't care If you are a wizard or anything. As far you're not a zombie or it's kind, it's fine ... Just tell me where I am... And if this is a dream, please just let me sleep in peace. Don't disturb me! I step on the small stair that leads to the hall.
Now I see something strange.
Beautifully strange ...
I see a pattern formed by lights.
Azure colored lights.
The pattern is circle on it's outer side,
but inside the circle, I can see many signs that I do not recognize.
And then I'm in the hall,
facing the unknown guy's back in front of me.

"Mmm... Sorry if I disturb you, sir. But.. Where am I? Where is this?"
The guy in robe didn't answer. Still speaking, but not to me.
Oh hell, is that a spell he is saying?
Then he ends the spell. Looks like he has finished doing that thing.
Then he speaks. To me, I think.
"Oh, hi there Diadema. I think it's your first time here then?"
"How do you know my name? My full first name? Only a small bunch of people know that."
"Well, I know you. Someone, no, Some people told me about you."
"Sorry. But I do not know you.. What's this place anyway? A hall? And what was that you were doing? Casting a spell? Tell me. Now."
"Well, it is. And I was. And well, I have something for you. Baldia Castellis."
There's something appearing in the middle of the light circle that is separating us. It's flowing in the air. In the same line with my arms. What's that? A blade? A blade with the left side ends before the handle but the right side ends in 3/4 of the handle with sharp side only on the outerside? Well it's not really the slim one, but the metal isn't so thick. Heh, wait. Metal? No. What's that? What?! Diamonds?? Okay... Is it really a blade? There is also a long line of transparent crimson crystal in the middle of the blade. The length is just about 3/4 of the blade's right side.

"Take it, Diadema. It's yours"
"Why? I don't want this. Even I'm pretty much of a Blademaster, I don't. And I have never remember that I have this blade before"
"You have to take my charge for sometime. Besides, the blade is your gift. From your parents."
"You're lying. I have no longer real parents. They died long time ago. In an airplane accident. At least that is what Xavie told me. And I did watch the videos. The airplane explode in the air. People also watch that on TV, not only me and Xavie. I know that's true and also Xavie whose parents also died in that accident. Even now I live with her!"

"Xavie Myson? Oh, then send my greetings to her if you don't mind, of course", He said. Smiling.
"How do .... you know her name? Her... FULL name...?"
"Well believe me. I've met all the people who your people thought already died in that accident. They're still alive."
"You're lying. They had died. That time. I remember it. I cry for weeks for that. And also Xavie. And what do you mean by... 'my people'?"
"Well. The people in your world that know that accident may thought that they had died. But no, actually they haven't. They have been sent to this world. As the prove, I'm sure no one founds any morgue in the plane's ruins. So, you have no prove that your and Xavie's parents died that time. Means the same to that plane's other passengers."

"Wait, you mean this isn't my world? Ahh, I know that! This IS a dream! Why wasn't I sure about that before! Anyway, we can't find morgue in the exploded planes."
"Well, this is a dream. The only way I can contact you from my world. But if I can't ensure you by this. I'm sure you will believe me the next time you meet me. Now, you want to go back to your world, to your sleep, won't you? Then take that blade. You will know what to do with it the day you wake up. And I tell you one thing, that blade is the only port to your 'normal' world that I provide for you"
"What do you mean ...? You mean I can't get out from this illogical dream if don't .. take that blade?"

"Just take it, Diadema. Just take it. This is a dream. Isn't that what you think? What's so matters about a dream? You want your peaceful sleep, won't you? Then take the blade" Now he forms a big grin on his lips. A little tricky I think. A little tricky grin.
"Hah! Whatever you say, you crazy! Well, I want my sleep. So thank-you-I-will Mr.Wine Colored Robe. I take it."

Yes, that's right. Then I step to the middle of the light circle. But When I'm going to take the blade I slightly see two signs. Same signs. Again, Red Wine colored Rose, looks like, because I'm not really sure. The signs aren't clear, it looks like that if that is a rose, it must be already has some additional signs. But I know it's a red wine one. The signs are one in the middle of the light circle I'm in, and another one is tattooed on the blade that I'm now holding.

Then suddenly I see crystal blue lights burst out from the shined signs in the circle, especially from the rose signs. I see myself changed into lights and then slowly disappear from my own sight. From our own sight. Then I see that guy again. Throwing a questioning looks on him. I frowned. Why doesn't he frown? Oh yeah, this is a dream. A very very odd dream. And his role is a wizard. That makes sense. That's reduced my frowns. And that's before he said,

"See you then, Lady Diadema Saber Whitney"

What the...? I don't even have a middle name! And...

Why did he call me 'Lady'?


Then I hear drum sounds ...
Bass sound ...

'It's not like I'm walking alone
Into the valley of shadow of death
Stand beside one another, cuz it ain't over yet
I'd be willing to bet that if we don't back down
You and I will be the ones that are holding the Crown in the end '

Okay .... that is surely a song ... A rockin' one ... Man.., I'm still sleepy ...

'When it's over, we can say, "Well done"
But not yet, 'cause it's only begun
So, pick up, and follow me, we're the only ones
To fight this thing, until we've won
We drive on and don't look back
It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past
All the things that we mighta done wrong
We could've been doing this all along ♪ '

Wahaaa.... Why can't I move my leg or even my hands??? Owhmy... I'm so sleepy ....

'Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline!! '


I suddenly sit on my bed.
I can hear birds are now whistling around.
I can feel the light's going through my window next to my right.
It's morning now.
I grab my phone which the alarm is still ringing with the song 'Frontline' by Pillar.
It's a useful song, really. It's a good one for an waker alarm. REALLY.
Evenmore if your alarm is set to sounds louder and louder every 5 seconds.

'Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline!! '

By the way, Was I dreaming?
What an awkward dream. Too awkward.
Then I shut the alarm of my cellphone that's still ringing.
I look down to see my phone.
It told me that today is Sunday. And now is 8 a.m. in the morning.

Wait, what is THAT?

I see a sign. The same sign that I see in my dream. Red Wine colored Rose. Tattooed. On my hand. My left hand. On the back of my left hand. Below my two of most left knuckle.
Not only that, I also find a bracelet. A slim crystal crimson spiral bracelet stick to my right wrist.
A crystal bracelets with a complicated carved pattern.
The spiral cristal snake my wrist with its lines.
With its slim lines which so slim that I think it looks like much more to a thick strand.
Both the ends of the bracelet is crossing with its edge down towards my knuckles.
At the crossing point, I can see a rose carved. Incredibly with something like a different crystal in below the surface of the crossing point.

Then I rub the rose tattoo on my left hand, trying to erase it.
I cant.
I try again. Twice harder this time.
Still can't.
Again. Triple harder.


Is this serious ....????
That DREAM was SERIOUS ???


I gotta tell Xavie.

TELL Xavie

Tell HER.

* to be continued~~

Minggu, 22 Maret 2009

With Heart, With Pain, With Smile

Since I met you, and your figure
Since I knew you, and your talks
But not when I saw your eyes
Those eyes which I want to see all day

Thought it was only a crush
Thought it won't take this much
Thought nothing than an admiration to the light

Admiration to the difference
Admiration to the similarities

Now that I knew it isn't any,
Now that I knew it is all of them,
That I realized this love
That I realized I love all of you
It is already too late

No regretting to the fate
But not sure about regretting myself
But no regret to the love
No regretting that I knew you

And knowing that I kneel here on the top of a cliff
Looking towards you, but knowing that I can't reach you
With the ravine that separates us
With a broken bridge that is connecting us
I cry, hating myself
I smile, encouraging myself

I beg to the angel in me
To the evil in me
I beg to both
Because I'm not sure what to do
Knowing that the angel will win
But afraid of the regrets that may come tomorrow
Even if those are all for my sake
For my life

And Hell for the fake smiles you gave me
Because they hurt me more
Hell for the real smiles you gave me
Because they made me love you more

But Heaven for the fake smiles you gave me
Because I know you just tried to keep me safe
To keep her safe
And Heaven for the real smiles you gave me
Because it filled me with precious, yet painful, memories

And will I hope for Amnesia of my heart?
When Better or Worse is an equality?
My mind refuses
My heart refuses

Because things that I know,
I'm still waiting for you
I love to love you
More and more
Hurting myself
Forcing my smile
For the sake of both of you
For the sake of my preciouses
For the sake of my beloved ones

Now, just simple things I beg your heart,
Please let me stay
Please let me see you every morning
Please and please,
Don't hate me

And why did I know those all?
Because here in these days,

As those in tomorrow's
I'm still looking towards your back



Minggu, 22 Februari 2009

When Tomorrow Comes

performer >> Pillar


The sunshine of a new day
Shines upon my face
I don't know where to begin
I don't know how it came to this
If things don't change maybe I'll
Be the one that you can't find

I've tried so many times
Tried to get it right
Just so our worlds won't
Collide like two stars in the sky
Its time we both decide
To leave this all behind
When the sun goes down
The future's looking bright

When all is said and done
And tomorrow has begun
Remember today is now yesterday
Can we find a way find a way to let it go

When tomorrow comes
Today will be a brand new day
Can we let it go ?

The sunshine of a new day
Shines upon my face
Reminding me of mistakes
Memories I must erase
Here's one more chance for me
To throw them all away

Today's a brand new start
We made this way too hard
We both need something like
Amnesia of the heart
We stand here face to face
See I won't look away
If you just hold my hand
We'll make it through the day

When all is said and done
And tomorrow has begun
Remember today is now yesterday
Can we find a way find a way to let it go

When tomorrow comes
Today will be a brand new day
Can we let it go ?

This is what I feel
But still,
I don't even know do I want 'Tomorrow' to come
I don't even know do I can let it go
I don't even know do I want it to.
Should I look through past?
Through Illusions?
Or should I look through the sky?

Maybe it will set me free of all of this
Maybe it's the only way to escape from these things.

But what if I don't even know do I have any will to do that?
What if I have no will to leave 'It All' behind?
Can I still start my own moves forward?
To leave it all behind?
Can I let it go?


Looks like I have to search for other songs by this band.
I have their 'Frontline'. It's also cool enough for me.
But looks like, just li8ke usual,
It's so hard to find in Indonesia.

Could ya help me? ^^


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In every second , Life changes . . .

and We should know ,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . even Nothing is Something . . .